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Your website or app needs a reliable hosting plan to maintain maximum uptime. Check out our affordable hosting plans below.


Our support staff is available around the clock to resolve problems with your hosting package or cPanel account.

Website not responding? Unable to log into a database? Contact our knowledgable support team for quick and easy solutions to your problem.

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Our Platform is Powered by Linode Cloud Computing

With datacenters in 11 locations throughout the globe, your content is guaranteed to be geographically close to your users.

Server Virtualization

Our software runs on completely virtualized Linux installations, ensuring that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Virtualization also allows us to roll back your website in the event of a failed software update or unsuccessful website update.

SSD Storage

No more spinning disks! With no moving parts, SSD storage is much more reliable than traditional spinning disk storage solutions. Our Linode servers use entirely SSD-based storage, ensuring that your website is delivered as quickly as possible to your users. 

Free SSL Certificates

With any hosting package, a free SSL certificate is included with your domain. SSL certificates ensure that the data between your computer and the server is encrypted from man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. This includes primary domains and subdomains associated with your account. 

With an included cPanel account, you can manage databases, edit DNS records, manage domains, backup files, and so much more! 


Every hosting package includes a cPanel account to easily manage your domain. From here, you can administer email accounts, edit DNS records, view site statistics, and add subdomains.


Administering your website through cPanel is the most secure way to access your website information. With SSO sign-in from your NJW Design & Consulting account, you never have to worry abour your account being accessed by malicious third parties. 


Your cPanel account puts you in control of your website and domain, allowing you to make changes and install software to help your business flourish. No more waiting on an admin to make changes for you: cPanel gives you the power to make these changes yourself!


With your cPanel account, our support staff can quickly assist you with